The NCSEM is a collaboration between universities, healthcare trusts, local authorities and private and voluntary sector organisations, bringing together research, education and clinical services.

Through world-class research, we are focused on developing a better understanding of the mechanisms of action underlying human movement. This basic science underpins everything we do from small scale pilot trials through to implementing change at a population level. This allows us to fully assess the health, wellbeing and economic benefits of physical activity, sport and exercise.

Through education we translate this research to the health and social care, and public health professions, equipping them with the tools they need to promote physical activity effectively.

Through the re-design of clinical services we are embedding physical activity as a core treatment in an attempt to improve patient outcomes and deliver a sustainable NHS.

We also work closely with elite sports people and leading sporting organisations, providing research discoveries that drive enhanced performance and developing improvements in clinical practice that support athlete health.

  • International importance

    We have a depth and breadth of expertise in physical activity, sport and exercise medicine, drawn from partners across world-class research universities and carry out international level research with a global impact.

  • Research quality

    We have a reputation for the academic rigour and relevance of our research and the accuracy of the support, advice and guidance that we provide. We accelerate the translation of the latest research into new models of patient care.

  • Informing policy

    Our expertise shapes best practice to challenge and inform government policy. Our work benefits the whole population and supports the work of healthcare professionals and exercise deliverers, reducing the burden on the NHS.

  • Academic excellence

    We have a track record for developing and delivering continuing professional development opportunities to raise professional standards in sport and exercise medicine. We share best practice as widely as possible to improve knowledge and understanding that can be translated into improved clinical practice in relation to exercise as medicine.

  • Working together

    We work in collaboration with our partners and engage with other organisations to provide expertise and promote knowledge transfer between academics, clinicians, allied healthcare professionals and deliverers of exercise. We also provide channels for collaboration, bringing together experts from different backgrounds to speed up progress and facilitate new directions and outcomes including through brokering national and international grant applications.

  • Inclusivity and equality
    Our work benefits people across all areas of society both at home and internationally. We promote the take-up of exercise as a prescriptive medicine and preventative therapy to all social groups, ages and genders.