The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine is an Olympic legacy project delivering research, education and clinical services in sport, exercise and physical activity from three hubs across England.


Research is taking place across the NCSEM network within its many partner organisations. We have listed our projects under five different themes, each relating to a different aspect of the value of physical activity.

About the NCSEM

The NCSEM is an Olympic legacy project delivering education, research and clinical services in sport, exercise and physical activity. It aims to apply world-class expertise to policies and practice that will benefit the health and wellbeing of the nation – from everyday people at risk of ill health through to elite athletes.

The NCSEM was established with a £30m investment from the Department of Health and is a collaboration between universities, healthcare trusts, local authorities and private and voluntary sector organisations, clustered around three regional hubs.

At each location, the buildings have been specifically designed to bring together the capabilities of the partner universities and NHS trusts to facilitate the translation of research into education, training and clinical services.

Our aims

  • Provide a focal point for advice and guidance on sport, exercise and physical activity, injury and rehabilitation
  • Provide a clinical service, including a state-of-the-art diagnostics facility
  • Promote the benefits of sport, exercise and physical activity to sufferers of chronic diseases and aim to reduce their impact on the NHS
  • Accelerate the translation of research into new models of patient care
  • Inform future government policy
  • Develop and deliver continuing professional development opportunities to raise professional standards and share best practice
  • Provide expertise and services to industry and promote knowledge transfer