Ankle sprains are one of the most common sporting injuries. Scientific literature suggests that runners with a laterally-deviated foot pressure pattern are more prone to ankle sprain injury. 

This study uses recreational runners showing a laterally-deviated foot pressure. The aim is to train the runners’ biomechanics by giving electrical stimulation to the lateral shank muscles to bring a deviated foot pressure pattern back to the mid-line to reduce injury risk.

The ultimate aim is to develop a wearable device to train runners to land correctly with a neutral foot pressure pattern to avoid twisting at the ankle.


Institutions / organisations and researchers

Loughborough University

University of Nottingham

Bournemouth University

  • Professor Ian Swain

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Professor Kai-Ming Chan
  • Professor Patrick Yung
  • Dr Kam-Ming Mok


  • We have demonstrated that electrical stimulation on the lateral shank muscles can resist excessive ankle inversion in a biomechanics laboratory.
  • An on-going PhD study is investigating its effect in correcting foot pressure during running.

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