This project aims to extend our understanding of metabolic dysregulation within ageing and chronic disease as a precursor to identifying biomarkers that predict risk of muscle wasting.

When muscle is lost during ageing or through disease, significant metabolic dysregulation can occur due to the importance of skeletal muscle, not only for movement but also for metabolic health.

The relationships between low muscle mass and increased morbidity and mortality outcomes in ageing and muscle wasting diseases are extremely robust and well defined. Therefore being able to predict those that may be at greatest risk from muscle wasting and its associated co-morbidities is a high priority within healthcare. This would allow earlier preventative strategies to be implemented in an attempt to offset or delay the loss of muscle mass and hence metabolic dysregulation.

The project uses metabolomics, a form of high throughput metabolic profiling, to look for signatures of single or multiple metabolites that are associated with age related metabolic dysregulation.

This work is being undertaken at the MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research