High levels of sitting have been linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Something as simple as regularly breaking up sitting by standing has been shown to benefit health.

The Stand More At Work (SMArT) study is looking at the impact of standing desks on aspects of the health and wellbeing  of NHS office workers at hospitals in Leicester. New height-adjustable desks or desk attachments are being made available to selected staff at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General Hospital and Glenfield Hospital.

The project involves 154 NHS support staff workers who are randomised by office cluster into either the intervention group (receiving sit-stand desks and supported by a range of behaviour change strategies) or control group (continuing with usual practice).

The study will be completed in summer 2017.

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Institutions / organisations and researchers

Loughborough University

Leicester Diabetes Centre (University of Leicester)

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute (Australia)

  • David Dunstan

Victoria University (Australia)

  • Professor Stuart Biddle