The My Active and Healthy Aging (My-AHA) project is developing an ICT-based platform to detect frailty risk in older adults and provide targeted interventions encouraging physical activity and cognitive stimulation.

The My-AHA consortium consists of researchers from 16 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia working together to fight the effects of cognitive, physical and psychosocial frailty and support prevention.

An ICT-based platform will detect risk of frailty using embedded sensors and data readily available in the daily living environment of older adults. When risk is detected, My-AHA will provide targeted and scientifically proven ICT-based interventions, including vetted offerings from established providers of medical support.

These interventions will encourage users to take part in exercise, cognitively stimulating games and social networking. The aim is to achieve long-term behavioural change of the user through continued engagement with the programme over a sustained period of time.

My-AHA is a four-year, Horizon 2020 – European Union funded project which has been awarded a total budget of 4 million euros and started in March 2016.


  • Collaborations with third parties who have already developed evidence-based cognitive stimulation interventions are being set-up.
  • Outcomes have been identified for the pilot (January 2017) and randomised controlled trial (Sept 2017).