Iron deficiency and anaemia are highly reported within athletes and have negative implications on both their sporting performance and health.

Hepcidin is a regulator of iron and it has been suggested that its response to different factors could be the limiting factor for iron levels in athletes.

There are several different factors that can influence hepcidin’s response including inflammation, exercise and hypoxia.

In this project, we are investigating the interaction between these factors and hepcidin. Through understating these interactions we aim to reduce hepcidin’s response and improve iron levels.

We hope to contribute to the management of iron deficiency and anaemia in athletes, which will help improve their performance and health. Owing to the health implications of this research, outcomes could also lead to positive impacts beyond the sporting community.

This project is jointly funded by Loughborough University and the English Institute of Sport.

Institutions / organisations and researchers

Loughborough University

English Institute of Sport and St Mary’s University

  • Dr Richard J. Burden