Tempe to Improve Memory and prevent dementia in Elderly

We previously found in projects funded by ARUK, the Chinese Research Council, ESRC/NIHR and the British Council that, while tofu increased risk for dementia in older people in China, Indonesia and Hawai’I, tempe, a fermented soy product decreased risk and improved memory. Our rodent studies also showed reduced dementia plaques in animals and better memory function.

Apart from the growing number of elderly end-users worried about dementia, the further development of this soy based product and further research in this area will also benefit and sustain collaborations between academics and NGO, such as the food and agricultural industry in Indonesia.

Institutions / organisations and researchers

Loughborough University

Professor Eef Hogervorst

Shelina Kassam (RA)


University of Indonesia (UI) Indonesia (Prof Tri Budi, Dr Atik Kridawati-Irsan and Hogervorst),


University of Respati Indonesia Jakarta (URINDO),University of Respati Yogyakarta (UNRIYO) Prof Tri Budi, Dr Kridawati and Hogervorst


Bogor Agriculture University (UPB) Indonesia (Dr Irsan-Kridawati)


Kalbe Farma TBK (Indonesia) with Prof Boenjamin Setiawan (President Kalbe Farma)


Nursing and care homes in the Midlands and in Indonesia


We have obtained ethics for the RCT and taste tests of the product and are developing different products using focus groups both in the UK and Indonesia.