Having a kidney transplant can transform the life of a patient whose kidneys have failed through disease. However, a high rate of heart disease in these patients limits the  length and quality of their lives.

It is well known that regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease in healthy individuals. Exercise has also been shown to be beneficial to patients with kidney disease, but we still do not know enough about exercise in kidney transplant recipients, especially in relation to heart disease. We also need to identify the most appropriate type of exercise for these patients.

The PACE-KD (Participant acceptability of exercise in kidney disease) study compares traditional continuous exercise programmes with two different high intensity intermittent training (HIIT) protocols.

This project is funded by Heart Research UK.


  • Study in set up phase, due to start early 2017.
  • The research will provide valuable information surrounding the feasibility of the chosen exercise programmes and will inform future trials and exercise guidelines for people with a kidney transplant and other long term conditions.