Regular exercise and exercise rehabilitation programmes have been shown to have many favourable effects in CKD patients. However, once supervision is withdrawn, many patients fail to maintain the same amount of exercise intensity and levels.

Interventions designed to maintain regular exercise after hospital-based intervention are needed.

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a behaviour change technique that can be used to engage patients in self-management and goal setting for lifestyle changes. Providing patients with extra support and guidance at the end of a supervised training programme could help to prevent exercise behaviour relapse.

MaX CKD is a randomised feasibility study involving the use of an MI intervention aiming to sustain exercise levels in patients after a supervised 12-week exercise programme (our ongoing Exercise Training in CKD, ExTra CKD study).

This study also has a nested qualitative element. Selected participants are invited to participate in a semi-structured interview to explore their personal experiences of the exercise and behaviour change programme.

We hope that the results from this study will further inform the best method to maintain exercise behaviour after a hospital-based exercise programme in CKD patients.


  • Recruitment of 30 patients completed.
  • We expect the full results of this study to be published in 2017.
  • Selected quotes from participants who have completed the exercise training (ExTra CKD) study:
  • “I went for my first session and I was absolutely over the moon. I loved it because it was just exercise and I thought fancy me at my age and I can do all this. I thought when I tell my grandchildren they will be absolutely delighted.  I used to really like it [the exercise] and the staff there were so supportive and explained everything to me. I was just a very happy lady.”
  • “I have certainly noticed that my general level of fitness changed after the ExTra CKD and I discovered muscle that I hadn’t had for a little while. Which was good.”  
  • “I felt more content and happier if you like, it’s hard to say but my outlook on life was definitely more sunny I think during the course and after the exercise programme.”