October 2016

Better workplace health – direct from the experts – NCSEM-EM event for local businesses

September 2016

Assessing the impact of interventions in elderly cognitive wellbeing – NCSEM-EM event for professionals working with the elderly in the community

Making strides in school – symposium about school-based running programmes

Sport, mental health and wellbeing – The University of Nottingham (Sport, Health and Medicine seminar series)

May 2016

Dementia Awareness Day – NCSEM-EM public event in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK

Elevate 2016 – NCSEM sponsored the Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing seminar stream and the Research Uncovered area.

April 2016

Bone Health and Stress Fracture conference – ISEH event in conjunction with Orthopaedic Research UK

Sport, health and medicine: An interdisciplinary agenda – NCSEM-EM (Sport, Health and Medicine seminar series)

Isokinetic Football Medicine conference – ISEH workshop focusing on complex concussion and return to play

March 2016

The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance – British Physiological Society conference; NCSEM sponsored early career investigator prizes for best poster and talk

January 2016

Sports Injuries and Orthopaedics – Royal Society of Medicine conference; NCSEM session and three NCSEM talks

December 2015

Physical Activity and Osteoarthritis – ARUK Centre for Sport Exercise and Osteoarthritis/NCSEM joint conference